Exabytes Launches eSeed to Offer Free Business Email To Entrepreneurs and Business Start-Ups

JUNE 21, 2014 (Sat): Exabytes eSeed, a business start-up empowerment program was officially launched today by the Exabytes Group of Companies, one of the biggest web hosting providers in Southeast Asia. eSeed which stands for Exabytes Startup Enterprise Empowerment Deal is a also community program initiative by Exabytes to support and grow the business community by allowing businesses to have a proper and professional business email address with own domain name at zero cost.

A long time web and E-Commerce hosting provider which currently serves over 70,000 customers in 121 nations and manages over 1,000 servers, the group has had numerous initiatives to assist business start-ups especially online entrepreneurs in their initial establishments for the past several years. This year Exabytes is offering one year of business class email (for up to three users) as well as a free company domain name worth RM200. “eSeed is a community campaign launched by Exabytes with the support of Verisign to provide new businesses with the opportunities to improve their online business identities. The reason we started this campaign is because we understand how important it is for businesses to have email accounts with their own company names, such as yourname@yourcompanyname.com,” CEO of Exabytes, Mr. KS Chan was quoted as saying.

According to Chan, the benefits of owning company email addresses (yourname@yourcompanyname.com) are as follows:

Build Trust and Credibility

Increase customer trust when communicating using own company emails as customers are assured that the person is a true representative of the company, and not some phishers or scammers. This is no doubt, extremely important especially when negotiating a business deal.

Avoid Losing Customers

A business that has own company email addresses will not be affected when its partner or staff leaves the company. This is because the owner of the business can access any email accounts and take over the tasks handled by the person previously. On the contrary, if the above mentioned staff/partner had used his personal email account to communicate with customers before he left, conversation records and even business might be stolen.

Be Different and Unique

With unique company email addresses, a business can stand out instantly in a crowded marketplace.

Make the Business Memorable

Own email addresses make potential customers remember the business better and easier as they are unique.

Reputation & Professionalism

Create a good image for the company or business.

eSeed Eligibility

In order to sign up for eSeed, a business should be:

  • A registered business in Malaysia
  • Does not have any previous hosting plan with Exabytes

eSeed & Open-Xchange

Businesses entitled to the benefits of eSeed will also enjoy an additional feature, namely Open-Xchange, a one-stop platform for emails, calendars, contacts, files and more. Functions and benefits of Open-Xchange are:

  • Own and share calendars
  • Schedule meetings
  • Create tasks and projects
  • Online document sharing
  • Compatible with MS Outlook & Mac Mail
  • Mobile Active Sync with all types of smart phones
  • Synchronize all contacts

eSeed Availability & Registration

eSeed has 20,000 hosting accounts to be given away. Registration is free without other hidden charges. To register, visit: http://exabytes.my/eseed.

eSeed Affiliate Program

eSeed has been included in Exabytes Affiliate Program. For each successful and valid eSeed sign-up referred, affiliate will be rewarded with a commission of RM10. To know more about Exabytes eSeed Affiliate Program, visit: http://exabytes.my/eseed.

Author: VSDaily Editor

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