Epson Launches All-In-One Tablet mPOS Solution Designed For Seamlessly Enhanced Customer Service

Epson, ASEAN’s No. 1 Point-of-Sale (POS) receipt printer vendor for 12 years running, announced a new addition to their mobile POS printer series, the TM-m30II-SL Tablet Mountable POS Printer. With a myriad of innovative, space-saving and countertop-friendly features, the TM-m30II-SL is designed to fit current trends within the POS market. This provides enterprise customers the confidence for reliable POS performance that caters to the increased usage of mobile devices in high-volume retail and F&B settings.

Modern and Space-Saving

The TM-m30II-SL’s sleek design won the prestigious 2021 iF Design Award as its compact dimensions were designed to not only fit the layout of modern F&B or retail stores, but also blends in perfectly with universal design and minimalist aesthetics. The TM-m30II-SL’s small footprint promotes greater space management and flexibility in interior design, and it comes with an embedded AC adapter and a concealable USB cable. Business owners can ditch their traditionally hefty POS systems for an organised, spacious counter space with the TM-m30II-SL’s tablet mount and low design profile.

Based on individual business storefront requirements, the TM-m30II-SL provides flexible installation either through a front or top paper loading. Furthermore, it which comes with a lever-operated tablet attachment and an optional OT-WH30SL bracket for a seamless and secure wall mounting.

Economical and Operationally Ready Interface

The ability to detect and rectify errors such as printer jams is crucial, especially in fast-paced businesses like F&B and retail, where snaking long queues and time-sensitive customers are expected during peak hours. The TM-m30II-SL features an intuitive LED light panel which reflects the respective error icons ranging from paper jams to connectivity issues. This equips store managers with the ability to address printer errors in a timely manner, subsequently reducing downtime and increasing overall productivity of their business.

Providing long-term cost savings while being good for the earth, the TM-m30II-SL also comes with an advanced paper saving function that guarantees up to 49% of paper savings as compared to conventional POS printer models, due to the incorporation of cutting-edge printer innovation that allows the reduction of character height.

Multiple Peripherals for Flexible Connectivity

The TM-m30II-SL supports multiple peripherals and connectivity methods via USB cable, Ethernet Wireless, Bluetooth for iOS and Android 10 or later devices. Common peripherals that are seen in businesses such as a Customer Display, External Buzzer, and Barcode Scanner are recognised and integrated within the system. It also comes with a USB Network Tethering function that is compatible with iOS devices to secure a steady connection for businesses in unstable wireless signal environments.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

The TM-m30II-SL receipt printer is designed to accommodate multiple tablet sizes for easy hardware replacement and advanced reliability. Boasting a 150km printhead life and an auto-cutter life of 2.2 million cuts, it is built for long-term usage. Accompanied with a 250mm/s printing speed, and the ability to support paper sizes of both 58 or 80mm, business owners can be rest assured by its advanced reliability for their day-to-day operations.

“The TM-m30II-SL is built to last, providing reliable durability that withstands high-volume business operations across different industry verticals. Its sleek design and precise engineering consider various concerns that business owners potentially face when operating their counters. I believe that as businesses adapt to the digital age with portable technology readily available, having a POS receipt printer which supports various hardware and software like iOS and Android is integral in ensuring that the adaptation process is a seamless one.” said Hanson Ong, Head of Sales and Marketing, Epson Malaysia. 

The new Epson TM-m30II-SL Tablet Mountable POS Printer is already available for sale in the region since December 2022. Visit or contact your nearest Epson Authorised Dealer store for more information.

10 January 2023

Author: Terry KS

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