Epson and ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase Unveil Sustainable Fashion Collection Through Technology Partnership

Epson collaborates with ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase to promote sustainable fashion through innovative technology, as seven designers from across the ASEAN region curate a unique collection using Epson’s dye sublimation printers. The partnership underscores a shared commitment to environmental sustainability and showcases a fusion of cultural heritage with modern fashion sensibilities.

21 February 2024 – Epson, a global leader in professional printing, has unveiled its collaboration with the ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase (AFDS) aimed at driving awareness towards sustainable fashion using cutting-edge technology.

The collaboration sees Epson teaming up with seven local designers hailing from various ASEAN markets to curate a distinctive fashion collection centered around sustainability, deeply rooted in the cultural heritage of their respective countries. The complete “Sustainability in Asia” collection is set to debut during Epson’s LFP Innovation Day scheduled for March 21, 2024, in Bangkok. Leading up to the main event, select pieces from the collection will be on display at Epson Solution Centers across the region.

The seven designers from AFDS include Terry Yeo from Singapore, Lisa Fitria from Indonesia, Even Ong from Malaysia, Dave Ocampo from the Philippines, Pitnapat Yotinratanachai from Thailand, Nicky Vu from Vietnam, and Bandid Lasavong from Laos. Leveraging Epson’s range of dye sublimation printers such as the SureColor SC-F6430, SureColor SC-F9430H, and SureColor SC-F10030, these designers are crafting vivid and precise color apparel pieces for their unique collections.

Even Ong, representing Malaysia in the collaboration, shared insights into his design philosophy, stating, “My design transcends mere fashion; it serves as a visual narrative echoing the urgent issues confronting Malaysia’s oceans. Utilizing design elements like seashells and marine creatures, my collection in partnership with Epson seeks to evoke emotions and foster greater awareness, urging people to safeguard our oceans.”

Sublimation transfer, a user-friendly printing method employed in this collaboration, involves printing the design onto a dye sublimation transfer media and transferring it onto the fabric using heat and pressure. This process results in permanent, vibrant prints that are resistant to fading.

Unlike conventional printing methods that consume significant water for fabric preparation, dyeing, and rinsing, digital textile printing with dye sublimation proves to be more environmentally conscious, generating less waste. Additionally, it enables designers to produce printed fabric on-demand, minimizing over-production and reducing both costs and environmental impact.

Morikawa Tomohito, Managing Director of Epson Malaysia, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “We are excited to collaborate with AFDS to promote sustainable digital textile printing through a creative showcase featuring established and emerging ASEAN designers.” He further emphasized Epson’s commitment to co-creating sustainable technology solutions and enhancing environmental standards across various industries, including textiles.

Hayden Ng, Premier Founder/Singapore Fashion Ambassador for AFDS, praised the partnership, highlighting the designers’ shared vision for the future of fashion and technology. The collaborative designs reflect a vibrant fusion of youthfulness, fashion-forward sensibilities, and sustainability, intricately woven with each designer’s cultural narrative and commitment to zero wastage in fashion production.

Author: Terry KS

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