E-Shopaholics: The Force Behind Malaysia’s E-Commerce Revolution, Unveiled in Latest White Paper

A collaborative white paper by Ninja Van Malaysia and Geopost unveils that 29% of dedicated e-shopaholics contribute a significant 50% to Malaysia’s overall e-commerce volume. This study emphasizes the significant influence of these fervent digital consumers in driving the country’s e-commerce landscape.

8 August 2023 – In a compelling revelation, a recent e-commerce white paper has spotlighted the pivotal role played by e-shopaholics in driving Malaysia’s digital retail realm. This comprehensive study, conducted in collaboration between Ninja Van Malaysia and Geopost, delved into the habits of 1,504 e-shoppers in the country, uncovering that 29% of these avid online consumers, commonly referred to as e-shopaholics, contribute an astounding 50% to the total e-commerce volume.

The newly released white paper, aptly named “What’s Next for the Future of E-commerce in Southeast Asia?”, has cast a spotlight on the extraordinary impact of e-shopaholics in shaping Malaysia’s e-commerce landscape. This meticulous investigation, a joint endeavor by Ninja Van Malaysia and Geopost, delved into the behaviors of 1,504 e-shoppers, revealing that an impressive 29% of these enthusiastic digital consumers, dubbed e-shopaholics, are responsible for a remarkable 50% of the nation’s total e-commerce volume. – source: NST

Author: Terry KS

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