DSAM and Lazada Forge Alliance to Elevate Direct Selling Integrity on E-commerce Platform

DSAM and Lazada have joined forces to regulate direct selling on the e-commerce platform, allowing only authorized distributors with LOAs to promote products. This collaboration aims to enhance transparency, build consumer trust, and maintain product quality.

26 October 2023 – In a significant collaborative effort, the DIRECT Selling Association Malaysia (DSAM) and e-commerce giant Lazada have inked a pivotal Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to bolster product sales oversight within the direct selling industry on the Lazada platform. This strategic partnership ensures that only authorized distributors, armed with a Letter of Authorization (LOA) from DSAM, are granted the privilege to market direct selling products on Lazada.

The primary objective of this collaboration is to cultivate a transparent and equitable business environment, augment consumer confidence, and maintain the highest standards of product quality and authenticity. To this end, sellers are mandated to furnish official documents, encompassing direct selling licenses and LOAs, thus validating their right to operate on Lazada. This dynamic partnership is poised to fortify the online ecosystem, combat counterfeit products, and offer robust support to bona fide DSAM member companies. – ref: TMR

Author: Terry KS

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