Dato’ Dr Amirudin Visits Kaspersky’s Transparency Center to Strengthen Cybersecurity Collaboration

Dato’ Dr Amirudin and his delegation recently visited Kaspersky’s Transparency Center, where they conducted a thorough review of Kaspersky’s secure software development documentation, threat analysis capabilities, and data management practices. As part of Kaspersky’s Global Transparency Initiative (GTI), the Transparency Centers serve as trusted facilities for state agencies, regulators, and enterprise partners to scrutinize the company’s source code, software updates, and threat detection rules. This visit comes at a critical time, given the rise in cyber threats in Malaysia, with the Ministry of Communications and Digital reporting a significant loss of RM600 million due to cybercrimes. Dato’ Dr Amirudin emphasized the importance of mutual trust, cooperation, and transparency in building a safer cyberspace.

KUALA LUMPUR, 16 Jun 2023 – Dato’ Dr Amirudin and his delegation were warmly welcomed by Ms Genie Sugene Gan, Head of Government Affairs and Public Policy for Asia Pacific, Japan, Middle East, Turkey, and Africa at Kaspersky, as they visited the esteemed cybersecurity company’s Transparency Center. The purpose of the visit was to comprehensively evaluate Kaspersky’s secure software development documentation, threat analysis capabilities, and data management practices. Kaspersky’s Transparency Centers, an essential part of their renowned Global Transparency Initiative (GTI), offer a trusted environment for state agencies, regulators, enterprise partners, and academic institutions to review the company’s source code, software updates, and threat detection rules.

Dato’ Dr Amirudin expressed his appreciation for Kaspersky’s commitment to transparency, acknowledging them as one of the few cybersecurity companies in the world with such practices. He emphasized the crucial role played by Kaspersky in building a safer cyberspace for Malaysia, stating that the visit aimed to facilitate knowledge sharing, exchange views, and assess the quality and integrity of a cybersecurity provider operating in the country. The increasing digital connectivity in Malaysia has made more people susceptible to cyberattacks, particularly with the ease of access to various devices through the Internet of Things (IoT). Dato’ Dr Amirudin highlighted the shared responsibility of all stakeholders in ensuring cybersecurity and emphasized the need for mutual trust, cooperation, and transparency.

Ms Genie Sugene Gan, in response to Dato’ Dr Amirudin’s visit, expressed gratitude for the vote of confidence in Kaspersky’s transparency practices. She emphasized that Kaspersky’s Global Transparency Initiative has set a gold standard for the industry, and the network of Transparency Centers signifies their unwavering commitment to the highest levels of integrity. Ms Gan echoed the Minister of Communications and Digital’s call for a holistic approach in combating cyberattacks, involving people, processes, and technology. She emphasized the importance of involving all stakeholders, including the public sector, private companies, and users, in these efforts.

Kaspersky’s Transparency Center in Utrecht is one of nine facilities globally, with others located in Kuala Lumpur, Madrid, Rome, São Paulo, Singapore, Tokyo, Woburn, and Zurich. Since the opening of the first Transparency Center in Switzerland in 2018, more than 30 visits by Kaspersky’s stakeholders, including regulators and key authorities worldwide, have taken place. Notably, no visitor has raised concerns regarding Kaspersky’s source code, software updates, and threat detection rules during these visits. Visitors have shown significant interest in Kaspersky’s data management practices, while occasional source code reviews have taken place. To assist organizations in developing their cybersecurity capabilities, Kaspersky initiated the Cyber Capacity Building Program (CCBP), with active participation from government agencies, regulators, and cybersecurity authorities in the Asia-Pacific region.

Author: Terry KS

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