DART and OffSec Forge Alliance to Revolutionize Cybersecurity Training Programs

DART and OffSec announce a strategic partnership, elevating cybersecurity training programs with OffSec’s certificates. The collaboration targets penetration testers, red teamers, and cybersecurity professionals, aiming to enhance their learning credentials and bridge skill gaps through practical experiences.

18 December 2023 – DART and OffSec (formerly Offensive Security) have officially announced a strategic partnership. As part of this collaboration, DART, a distinguished force in cyber capacity building, is now a certified training partner of OffSec, integrating their industry-recognized certificates into DART’s comprehensive training programs.

DART, known for its significant contributions to enhancing cyber resilience, particularly in nations and organizations, is set to leverage its pool of over 60 field-proven expert trainers. Aligned with OffSec’s commitment to providing practical cybersecurity skills, the partnership aims to reshape the skill sets and expertise of cybersecurity professionals. With a focus on real-world scenarios, the collaboration seeks to empower individuals to effectively combat and defend against sophisticated cyber threats.

Central to DART’s mission is the unwavering dedication to augmenting cybersecurity capacity, having successfully trained over 1500 cyber professionals through customized training courses. This partnership marks a pivotal moment as DART becomes a certified training partner, offering OffSec’s esteemed Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) certificate alongside DART’s tailored instructor-led bootcamp.

The collaboration’s primary target audience includes penetration testers, red teamers, and cybersecurity professionals, enhancing their learning credentials. DART’s commitment to delivering practical experience and essential cybersecurity knowledge underscores its effort to bridge skill gaps and elevate the overall proficiency of cybersecurity professionals.

The training programs offered by DART are fully customizable, meeting the specific cyber training requirements of client organizations. Through tailored bootcamps, participants gain extensive real-life training experiences, equipping them with cybersecurity guidelines and the foundation to seamlessly become qualified OSCP holders.

Matan Trogan, Head of Sales and Partnerships at DART, emphasizes the significance of this partnership, stating, “By combining DART’s domain expertise with OffSec’s renowned training modules, we are empowering professionals to proactively defend against cyber threats. Together, we are not just imparting knowledge; we are cultivating a culture of resilience.”

Dr. David Zhao, APAC Sales Leader at OffSec, shares the excitement, stating, “We are thrilled to partner with DART to provide high-quality live technical courses to learners in APAC. We are confident that DART’s deep level of technical education expertise, highly qualified trainers, and regional network across Singapore and the wider APAC region makes it a well-placed partner to offer OffSec training courses.”

This collaboration, amidst the escalating complexity and frequency of cybersecurity threats, signifies a compelling alliance dedicated to fortifying digital defenses and accelerating cyber workforce resilience. The joint effort promises to offer hands-on, extensive cybersecurity training courses led by qualified trainers, providing a combat-proven approach to elevate cybersecurity competency in the dynamic cyber threat landscape.

Author: Terry KS

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