Dable Partners with Nanyang Siang Pau to Provide Personalized Content Recommendation

8 July 2020 – Dable, Asia’s No.1 content discovery platform has formed a partnership with Nanyang Siang Pau, one of the oldest and most circulated Malaysian Chinese-language media.

Dable is a technology-based startup in South Korea that uses big data and personalization technologies to recommend personalized content by analyzing media content consumed by visitors in real-time. Dable has partnered with over 2,300 media across Asia, including in Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Through this partnership, Dable will provide ‘Dable News’, which recommends interesting personalized content to visitors on Nanyang Siang Pau’s website. Nanyang Siang Pau is a leading Chinese media affiliated with the Media Chinese International media group that owns daily media such as Sinchew, Chinapress, Guang Ming Daily, and more. Recently, Nanyang Siang Pau completed its website redesign and hopes to increase user satisfaction and improve media competitiveness by applying ‘Dable News’ on its website.

‘Dable News’ is a content recommendation solution that provides content that may intrigue readers through widgets, such as ‘Content you may like’, located on the right/bottom of the web page. ‘Dable News’ helps readers consume more content and increase time spent on the website by recommending content that may be of interest to readers.

Dable, offers various recommendation algorithms such as ‘Popular Articles’, ‘Personalized Articles’, ‘Related Articles’, ‘Popular by Genders’, ‘Popular by Age’ and ‘Perused Articles’ that is applied to contents within a widget. The media can enhance its recommendation result by applying the algorithms that fit the media visitor’s characteristics. Additionally, Dable provides affiliated media partners with a free dashboard to check the performance of ‘Dable News’ recommendations and gain insights to help improve media competitiveness.

Dable also contributes to improving the media’s revenue through ‘Dable Native Ad’. Dable, first intrigues the user’s interest in the area of ‘Dable News’ and then exposes ‘Dable Native Ad’, advertisements with the same UI as of the recommended content. ‘Dable Native Ad’ gains high advertising performance by grabbing the user’s attention without interfering with one’s content flow. Especially ‘Dable Native Ad’ can show effective advertisements by analyzing the interests of users, such as showing cosmetic ads to users who read beauty articles.

Dable’s CEO Lee Chae-hyun said, “We hope the visitors of Nanyang Siang Pau’s website experience high satisfaction through ‘Dable News’, which proffers content they might enjoy. We also expect ‘Dable Native Ad’ to create a new revenue stream for Nanyang Siang Pau.” “We will continue to expand our coverage in Malaysia through close partnerships with premium media brands while providing various insights to upswing media competition.”

Author: Terry KS

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