CompareHero to the Rescue: Malaysia’s Most Comprehensive Financial Comparison Site Goes Big

Nov 15, 2013 (Fri): A newly launched venture is set to change the way Malaysians make decisions on crucial financial matters., built and further being fine-tuned to become the country’s go-to financial comparison site, is already making it easier for users to make informed choices on credit cards, loans, insurance policies, and even mobile and internet plans – with an even wider range of products spanning various categories being developed in the pipeline.
CompareHero helps the people of Malaysia:

  • Save money by becoming a one-stop portal for comparing financial products and services with ease.
  • Make better informed purchase decisions by finding the best deals or the lowest prices through delivering straightforward and unbiased information to consumers.
  • Take control of their finances by equipping them with knowledge and empowering them with choices to make sound financial decisions.

Aside from a highly sophisticated comparison tool, CompareHero also provides users with access to expert advice. Its comprehensive news and article resource section takes a no-nonsense look at financial services and products to unravel the jargon, highlight the snags in the small print, and tell consumers what to look out for before choosing a financial product.

CompareHero managing director Gerald Eder, currently based in Malaysia, says the idea to launch a price comparison site in Asia stemmed from a personal discovery after he found out that important financial information such as medical insurance policies is not readily accessible in the country. Information tools similar to CompareHero have long been popular in Europe and the United States, adds the Austrian-born co-founder.

“The mere size and complexity of the market created a need for an easy-to-use comparison website to help consumers find the best available offer. It can be very difficult for consumers to find the right financial product among many providers, different products, in-transparent information and websites,” Eder says. Thus, the idea to create CompareHero and use its potential to change lives in this part of Asia started to take root.

CompareHero’s dedicated, data-driven team is spending countless hours comprehensively reviewing terms and conditions for thousands of financial products. Sent on a mission to find the most accurate and up-to-date information, they are skilfully summarising and simplifying the main key differentiators towards developing a most comprehensive dataset. Furthermore, they are also taking great pains to ensure that the site delivers an unparalleled user experience.

CompareHero now makes it simpler and faster for Malaysians to research goods and services online – for no fees. Users simply need to create a profile to instanly generate a customised market overview related to their search. There are also options to filter and sort results based on the user preferences.

Launched in July 2013, CompareHero’s user base is steadily growing. More consumer finance providers are now working with the CompareHero team in the development process. CompareHero is aiming for an ambitious regional expansion to help more people across Asia, not just Malaysia.

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Author: Terry KS

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