CloudMile Partners with MongoDB to Boost Digital Transformation with MongoDB Atlas

CloudMile’s strategic collaboration with MongoDB introduces MongoDB Atlas to its clientele, offering a cloud-native developer data platform hosted on Google Cloud. This alliance facilitates agile and scalable application development while addressing prevailing data management challenges. The partnership’s transformative potential is exemplified in the mobile gaming sector, where reduced operational costs and enhanced efficiency have been realized, underscoring the drive toward digital transformation.

15 August 2023 – CloudMile, a prominent AI and cloud technology firm specializing in propelling corporate digital transformation, has announced a strategic partnership with MongoDB. This collaboration introduces MongoDB Atlas, a cutting-edge cloud-native developer data platform, to CloudMile’s corporate clientele. By seamlessly integrating this platform on Google Cloud, CloudMile empowers developers with the agility and scalability required to expedite the development of enterprise-grade applications.

The strategic union between CloudMile and MongoDB holds the promise of fostering innovation and efficiency for businesses across industries. This partnership addresses the challenges associated with data management, offering a unified and advanced developer data platform that offers enhanced insights into customer behavior, product analytics, and operational efficiency. The integration of MongoDB Atlas into CloudMile’s suite of services offers corporate clients the ability to accelerate product development, build secure applications, and extract valuable insights from their data.

As industries continue to navigate digital transformation, the partnership’s potential impact on the gaming sector stands out. By significantly reducing maintenance and operational costs, the collaboration has already assisted a leading gaming company in Taiwan to channel their resources into product development. CloudMile’s Google Cloud services, coupled with MongoDB Atlas, provide streamlined deployment, scalability, high performance, and robust security features. This integration streamlines data synchronization, ensuring seamless transactions while fortifying data storage and transmission.

The alliance extends beyond the gaming sector, resonating with businesses facing data challenges. Patrick Wee, Country Manager, Malaysia, Google Cloud, emphasizes that CloudMile, MongoDB, and Google Cloud share a commitment to dismantling data silos and enabling businesses of all sizes to harness the power of data for transformative digital journeys. Lester Leong, Country Manager of CloudMile Malaysia, notes the partnership’s synergy, uniting AI, developer data platforms, and cloud technology to foster customer empowerment and growth.

Simon Eid, Senior Vice President of APAC, MongoDB, envisions the partnership driving detailed insights, enhanced product development, and superior end-customer experiences. The strategic collaboration is poised to generate mutual benefits, further establishing CloudMile and MongoDB as industry leaders in solving challenges and fostering digital transformation.

Author: Terry KS

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