ChinaBuye introduces its online car accessories shop for Malaysian shoppers

Sun, June 30, 2013: It’s a proven fact that every car needs various accessories to perform optimally and as well look great. Of course, there are several car accessory shops on the net today, but ChinaBuye Limited is taking a giant stride to offer the best deals to car owners in Malaysia through its online store,

According to the Product Promotion Officer (PPO) of, car accessories come in two forms, that is, the aesthetic ones and the functional ones. “The latter help to add some extra beauty or appeal to the appearance of the car while the latter work to add to the overall performance of the car,” the PPO reveals.

It’s been found out that buying accessories could be quite costly, depending on products and the makers. However, shoppers who want to get good quality coupled with cheapness can take an advantage of the Chinese market where many car accessory shops can be found. That’s the position of the Management of ChinaBuye, of which the PPO affirms in a recent interview, saying, “We generally like to offer wholesale pricing on our car accessories since it’s much cheaper to buy a number of products in a single shopping cart. The buyer gets quantity with quality.”

More so, in a recent report, the PPO reveals the car accessories that are essential to every car on the road. They include floor covers, car MP4 players, and rear cameras for cars. All of these and many more are available at most online car accessories shops. In all, ChinaBuye has been able to distinguish itself as a leading China online store for high-quality and cheap accessories for cars.

Author: Terry KS

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