CHANGELEADER Partners with BEYOND4 to Revolutionize Executive Training

CHANGELEADER, a Singapore-based tech startup, is thrilled to announce its partnership with BEYOND4 Malaysia. With its cloud-based mobile app digital platform, CHANGELEADER aims to revolutionize the traditional executive training and learning development space for organizations by leveraging scalable technology and ubiquitous mobile device usage. This partnership is particularly exciting as the BEYOND4 ecosystem not only fosters startups but also provides guidance and mentorship for entering the growing demand space of professional and executive development in Malaysia.

The creation of CHANGELEADER stems from a crucial pain point faced by organizations. In today’s rapidly changing landscape, organizations constantly encounter external and internal challenges, which require them to navigate complexities effectively. Middle managers, who make up 30-40 percent of most organizations, are most impacted by these challenges. Managers, Supervisors, Project Leaders, and Team Leads play a vital role in executing success by adapting to new ideas and integrating them into existing work areas. However, middle managers often face resistance or become overwhelmed due to a lack of clarity or increasing workload. They tend to be task-focused and may have less awareness of the importance of building relationships and working effectively in teams.

“In the aftermath of the pandemic, we recognized the growing struggle of middle managers, who are often overlooked when it comes to training budgets. We identified the need for more executives, supervisors, and managers to become change-ready. Traditional leadership programs often fall short in addressing the specific challenges rooted in the context and personality of individuals,” explained Kieran Kishore, Head of Operations and Analytics.

Shawn Lourdusamy, CHANGELEADER’s Business Development Adviser, added, “The Malaysian executive and manager training market offers exciting opportunities for our Singapore-based startup to test our micro-consulting mobile app. We see potential in delivering user value and affordability, which can lead to scalability within and across organizations.”

CHANGELEADER’s solution suite includes 24/7 mobile app access for managers and growth supporters, access to expert advice, curated webinars, and measurements of growth at the beginning and end of the program. With CHANGELEADER, HR teams can benefit from people analytics and receive recommendations for people-oriented growth.

15 June 2023

Author: Terry KS

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