Beware spam emails masquerading as PayPal

The security firm Webroot has issued a warning on innumerable bogus e-mails that are targeting people’s mailboxes as they pretend to be from PayPal, the leading payment service provider worldwide. The emails inform the recipients that a payment of US$208 received without specifying any details on the payment, but with an attachment.

The recipients will curious about the unexpected payment and then check the attachment which contains one backdoor Trojan –;Worm:Win32/Gamarue, according to Webroot. The security experts from Webroot advises Internet users for being extremely careful with PayPal-spoofed electronic mails, which particularly direct them for viewing an attachment alternatively following a web-link, to avoid getting victimized with a bogus e-mail as above. In addition, if the recipients are curious about their PayPal account, they are suggested to access it either via bookmarked page or type in the web address inside their web browser’s address bar.

by Terry Brown

Author: Terry KS

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