Beware Macau Scam

Sept 6, 2013 (Fri): If you receive a call from a bank officer saying your credit card had been used in a certain transaction, it could be the Macau Scam modus operandi.

The syndicate of Macau Scam will pretend as a bank office to contact victim using a toll free number, 1-300-8088. The bank officer (who is not a real officer) will tell the victim that his credit card had been used to purchase a certain item and then he will receive a call from another number, 03-27885038 purportedly from Bank Negara Malaysia if the victim denied the card usage. In the following call, the victim will be instructed to ATM to change the pin number and transfer the funds into a new account provided to avoid being blacklisted.

According to Malaysian police, the Macau Scam was mainly targeting the Chinese community last time but the syndicate recently has changed their focus to Malay and Indian communities, Bernama reported.

Author: Terry KS

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