Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) Partners with Visa to Empower Micro SMEs Through E-Commerce Enablement

Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) and Visa have formed a strategic partnership to introduce the ‘Accelerate My Business’ (AMB) program, a training initiative aimed at fostering e-commerce capabilities for micro-SMEs. The program, scheduled to begin in August 2023, focuses on imparting digital commerce skills to empower 750 carefully selected BSN micro-SMEs, driving their growth and enabling them to navigate the evolving business landscape effectively.

7 August 2023 – Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) has announced a strategic alliance with Visa, a leading global financial services company, to embark on a transformative venture targeting e-commerce enablement for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). This collaboration gives rise to the ‘Accelerate My Business’ (AMB) program, a comprehensive digital commerce training initiative designed to nurture the growth of BSN micro-SMEs.

The ‘Accelerate My Business’ (AMB) program, developed in partnership by BSN and Visa, is committed to enhancing the digital literacy of micro-SMEs and enabling them to harness the power of e-commerce. This initiative is structured around two module workshops, meticulously designed to empower 750 carefully selected micro-SMEs associated with BSN.

The program’s curriculum encompasses a diverse range of business aspects, including financial literacy, operational efficiency, business management, and strategies for digitalization. With a total of 27 sessions set to unfold across 13 different locations nationwide, the program endeavors to uplift micro-SMEs by imparting vital entrepreneurial skills.

Addressing the unique needs of participants, the AMB program categorizes its curriculum into two stages – one catering to beginners and the other tailored for seasoned entrepreneurs. This approach ensures that both emerging and established micro-SMEs receive targeted training aligned with their entrepreneurial expertise.

The AMB learning platform constitutes a fundamental component of the initiative, offering participants a wealth of practical resources. These resources encompass interactive activities, self-assessment tools, worksheets, glossaries, and supplementary materials, all tailored to provide continuous support throughout their entrepreneurial journey.

BSN’s Chief Executive, Jay Khairil, emphasized the institution’s commitment to catering to diverse community needs through innovative offerings. He underscored the timely nature of the partnership with Visa, aligning with BSN’s goal to drive digital transformation among micro-SMEs, enhancing operational efficiency and fostering competitiveness.

Visa’s Country Manager for Malaysia, Ng Kong Boon, highlighted the significance of micro and small businesses in Malaysia’s economic landscape. He emphasized Visa’s shared mission with BSN in empowering these enterprises through resources and tools that amplify their businesses, ultimately leading to positive impacts on communities.

The collaboration between BSN and Visa arrives at an opportune moment, coinciding with the shifting business dynamics accelerated by the pandemic. As per Visa’s Back to Business study, 90% of small businesses express optimism about their future, with e-commerce being instrumental in their survival and growth during challenging times.

The ‘Accelerate My Business’ (AMB) training program is set to commence from August 2023 and extend until March 2024, demonstrating the partners’ commitment to fostering long-term entrepreneurial growth. – source: Technode

Author: Terry KS

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