Bank Negara Malaysia Appoints Adnan Zaylani as Deputy Governor for Financial Markets and Development

Encik Adnan Zaylani bin Mohamad Zahid has been appointed as Deputy Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia, with a comprehensive portfolio that includes overseeing Financial Markets and Development. With an illustrious career spanning nearly three decades at the Bank, Encik Adnan Zaylani brings rich expertise to his new role, contributing to essential committees and boards while upholding the institution’s commitment to excellence.

30 August 2023 – Bank Negara Malaysia has officially announced the appointment of Encik Adnan Zaylani bin Mohamad Zahid as Deputy Governor, effective from 1 September 2023, following the approval of the Minister of Finance. Encik Adnan Zaylani, who has been with the Bank since 1994, will assume a pivotal role in overseeing the Financial Markets and Development sectors, while actively participating in various essential committees and the Bank’s Board of Directors.

With a distinguished career spanning 29 years at the Bank, Encik Adnan Zaylani brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his new role. He boasts a comprehensive educational background, holding a Master of Public Policy from the prestigious Blavatnik School of Government at the University of Oxford. Furthermore, he holds a Master of Science in Global Market Economics and a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the esteemed London School of Economics and Political Science.

Throughout his tenure, Encik Adnan Zaylani has significantly contributed to diverse domains within central banking. His proficiency encompasses areas such as investments, financial markets, foreign exchange policy, Islamic finance, and financial sector development. Presently, he holds the position of Chairman of the Financial Markets Committee and serves as a valuable member of several influential committees and boards, including the International Islamic Liquidity Management Corporation’s Board Executive Committee, Kumpulan Wang Persaraan’s Board of Directors, and the International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance’s Board of Directors.

As Deputy Governor, Encik Adnan Zaylani’s responsibilities encompass a crucial mandate to drive the growth and stability of financial markets and development sectors. This strategic appointment reaffirms Bank Negara Malaysia’s commitment to fostering excellence and innovation within the realm of central banking.

Author: Terry KS

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