Baidu’s Ernie Bot Dominates China’s AI Chatbot Market with 200 Million Users Amidst Rising Competition

Baidu’s Ernie Bot achieves a milestone with over 200 million users, facing stiff competition from emerging rivals like Moonshot AI’s Kimi in China’s AI chatbot market. Despite challenges, Ernie Bot continues to grow and serve a large base of enterprise clients.

16 April 2024 – Baidu, China’s leading technology company, announced on Tuesday that its artificial intelligence chatbot, “Ernie Bot,” has amassed over 200 million users, solidifying its position as the country’s most popular ChatGPT-like chatbot amidst intensifying competition. Launched to the public just eight months ago, Ernie Bot has seen its user base double since December, with its application programming interface (API) being utilized a staggering 200 million times daily, according to Baidu CEO Robin Li.

Li revealed that Ernie Bot now serves 85,000 enterprise clients, marking a significant milestone in its journey towards commercial success. Despite its rapid growth, Ernie Bot faces stiff competition from emerging rivals, particularly Moonshot AI’s “Kimi” chatbot, backed by Alibaba, which is swiftly gaining traction in the market. However, Ernie Bot’s recent data shows its continued growth, even as it contends with rising competition. – ref: Reuters

Author: Terry KS

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