ASUS Unveils Cutting-Edge GPU Server Solutions at NVIDIA GTC Conference, Empowering AI Supercomputing

ASUS showcases its latest GPU server innovations at the NVIDIA GTC conference, including the ESC NM1-E1 and ESC NM2-E1 servers powered by NVIDIA’s MGX modular reference architecture, aiming to advance AI supercomputing capabilities. Leveraging state-of-the-art NVIDIA technologies and expertise in MLPerf, ASUS offers optimized server solutions tailored to diverse workloads, emphasizing performance, efficiency, and scalability.

21 March 2024 – Leading technology manufacturer ASUS announced its participation in the prestigious NVIDIA GTC global AI conference, where it will showcase its latest innovations in GPU server technology. At booth #730, ASUS will unveil its ESC NM1-E1 and ESC NM2-E1 servers powered by NVIDIA’s cutting-edge MGX modular reference architecture, aimed at elevating AI supercomputing capabilities to unprecedented heights.

In a bid to meet the burgeoning demand for generative AI solutions across industries, ASUS leverages state-of-the-art NVIDIA technologies including the B200 Tensor Core GPU, GB200 Grace Blackwell Superchip, and H200 NVL, ensuring optimized AI server solutions. With a comprehensive lineup of servers spanning entry-level to high-end GPU server solutions, ASUS offers liquid-cooled rack solutions tailored to diverse workloads, backed by expertise in MLPerf for superior performance.

Author: Terry KS

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