Affin Bank Unveils Affin Aura Credit Card with Versatile Benefits

Affin Bank has introduced the ‘Affin Aura’ credit card, offering a wide range of benefits in categories such as dining, shopping, travel, accommodation, beauty, health, and installment plans. With competitive interest rates and a lifetime annual fee waiver, this credit card aligns with Affin Bank’s commitment to responsible banking and superior customer service.

19 October 2023 – Affin Bank Bhd has introduced its latest financial offering, the ‘Affin Aura’ credit card, designed to provide a comprehensive array of benefits spanning dining, shopping, travel, accommodation, beauty, health, and convenient installment plans. This strategic move aligns with the bank’s ambitious three-year plan, AFFIN 2025 (A25 Plan), centered on responsible banking practices, exceptional customer service, and leadership in the digital arena.

Affin Aura offers attractive features, including an initial annual interest rate as low as 8.0% in the first year. Subsequently, the card introduces a tiered system for interest rates on retail transactions. Tier one extends a 9% interest rate per annum for cardholders who consistently meet the minimum payment due for 12 consecutive months. Tier two offers a 12% interest rate per annum for individuals promptly settling the minimum payment due for at least 10 months within a 12-month cycle. In contrast, tier three prescribes an 18% interest rate per annum for cardholders whose payment record doesn’t meet the preceding categories.

Additionally, the Affin Aura credit card entitles its users to a lifetime annual fee waiver for both principal and supplementary cards. To be eligible for the card, applicants must have a minimum annual income of RM24,000.

This innovative credit card offering by Affin Bank aims to provide customers with a versatile and rewarding financial tool, in line with the bank’s strategic vision for the future. – ref: NST

Author: Terry KS

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