A Perfect Blend of Iconic Sound and Cutting-Edge Tech

Marshall Malaysia has launched the Motif II ANC earphones, combining the brand’s iconic sound with cutting-edge technology, including active noise cancellation and BT LE Audio connectivity. These sleek earphones offer an extended playtime, sustainability features, and the renowned Marshall signature sound, setting a new standard for audio experiences on the go.

4 November 2023 – Marshall Malaysia, renowned for its iconic rock ‘n’ roll sound, proudly introduces the latest addition to its exceptional audio collection, the Motif II ANC earphones, now available in Malaysian stores. Building upon Marshall’s legacy of delivering premium audio experiences, the Motif II ANC earphones are set to revolutionize the way Malaysians enjoy their music, combining advanced active noise cancellation with the unmistakable Marshall sound, all encased in a sleek, contemporary design.

Music enthusiasts can now enjoy their tunes on the move with the Motif II ANC, a compact powerhouse offering an impressive audio experience. The sleek charging case ensures 30 hours of playtime, allowing you to indulge in your favorite music anytime, anywhere. With active noise cancellation, you can tune out the chaos of crowded train rides and bustling streets, immersing yourself in your music without distractions. For quick conversations, users can seamlessly switch to transparency mode, allowing external sounds to flow in. Additionally, the Motif II ANC is BT LE Audio-ready, ensuring a seamless and enhanced connectivity experience. To further customize their listening experience, users can also download the Marshall app.

Marshall Signature Sound: The Motif II ANC earphones bring the signature Marshall sound with you, wherever you go. Designed to provide clear and balanced sound even at higher volumes, these earphones are engineered for an unparalleled audio experience. Pair them with your device, and you’re ready to enjoy concert-quality sound.

Cancel the Noise, Amplify the Sound: Immerse yourself in your chosen sounds with upgraded active noise cancellation and use the app to enhance your playlist, enabling uninterrupted music enjoyment. Switch effortlessly to transparency mode for quick conversations or to reconnect with your surroundings.

Reliable Playtime: The Motif II ANC offers 10 additional hours of playtime compared to its predecessor. With active noise cancellation and the charging case, you get up to 30 hours of total playtime, including 6 hours of standalone use. Placing the earbuds in the case provides an extra boost.

Enhanced Connectivity with LE Audio: These earphones are BT LE Audio-ready, ensuring a seamless connection for uninterrupted music enjoyment. This future-proof technology enhances audio quality, extends the streaming range, and improves audio synchronization, providing a better connection, especially when watching videos.

A More Sustainable Approach: The Motif II ANC emphasizes sustainability, featuring improved battery preservation. The case and earbuds are constructed from 70% post-consumer recycled plastic, which includes repurposed electronics, water bottles, and automotive light covers.

On-the-Go Charging: The Motif II ANC offers 6 hours of wireless playtime, with the charging case extending listening time to 30 hours on the move. Quick charge functionality provides an additional hour of playtime in just 15 minutes. Wireless charging simplifies the process, making it convenient and hassle-free.

The new Marshall Motif II ANC earphones are priced at RM959 and are available at leading Malaysian retailers, including Harvey Norman, Vivid Concepts, Flash Gadgets, Thundermatch (TMT), and through the Ash Asia website, Shopee, and Lazada.

Author: Terry KS

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