13.7 per cent Malaysian taxpayers pay online

KUALA LUMPUR: Azizol Ahmad of the Inland Revenue Board (IRB) revealed that still not many people use e-payment services to pay their taxes in the country. “Although the taxpayers paid online has been increased to 13.7 per cent compared with only 1.57 per cent last year, but the result still below our expectation. The taxpayers still prefer to pay over the counter,” IRB director of payment services and information division Azizol Ahmad said. He added that security concern, receipt issued by counter is different from e-receipt and not able to retrieve e-receipt caused by the interruption during payment process are the main reasons stopping taxpayers to use e-payment services.

“We have ensured that all transactions are safe and secure to solve taxpayers concern. Besides, IRB will issue receipt to taxpayers who not able to retrieve their e-receipt and planning to standardize the online and offline receipt,” he said.

Azizol also urged people to pay their taxes online, “paying taxes online not only create convenience to the users, it also help to save time and energy. To encourage more people to pay tax online, IRB may offer longer tax declaration duration for taxpayers who prefer to pay online in future.”

Author: Terry KS

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