11street Reveals Online Search for Baby Car Seats Spike as ‘Balik kampung’ Exodus Approaches

KUALA LUMPUR, 3 July 2015: 11street.my, one of the largest online marketplaces in Malaysia, recently analysed trending products on their website last week which interestingly reveals a whopping 81 percent increase in searches for baby car seats – a positive sign of rising awareness of child passenger safety across the country while everyone gets ready to embark on long car journeys home for the Raya holidays.

The trend among parents surfing on 11street goes in line with the recent urge expressed by Malaysian Consumers Association to enforce car seats for carrying infants and children in vehicles.

11street’s Chief Executive Officer, Hoseok Kim points out that while child car seats has yet to be made mandatory by the local government, the rise of car seat searc indicate parents are becoming more savvy about road safety, especially for long journeys which is a positive step.11street_a

Car accidents on the rise

According to statistics revealed by Bukit Aman’s Traffic Branch, there has been a 5.5 percent increase in car accidents in 2014 as compared to 2013. Total car crashes last year amounted to an appalling figure of nearly 60 000 cases. In the event of a vehicle crash, car seat use have been found to significantly reduce the risk of a child’s death.

Kim says, “Parents are increasingly concerned about the safety of their young children. It should come as no surprise that parents search for car seats at online marketplace such as 11street because it is one of the most conducive platforms where people can research for vast product information. At 11street, we stock car seats that offer protection in the event of collision, and ensure your little ones are comfortable throughout the journey.”

Taking your family safety in your own hands

At the same time, using mobile phones and other portable devices while behind the wheel has emerged as a recent trend posing a tremendous risk of car accidents. The sobering statistics on the number car accidents should also prompt vehicle owners to go even further while equipping their cars for this year’s ‘balik kampung’ and ensuring the safety of all passengers.

Kim ends, “Apart from baby car seats, we also begin to see increased search for Bluetooth earphones over the last week by at least two-fold. Hands-free devices should be a priority as well since it enables drivers to make calls safely with minimal disruption. At 11street, we offer a wide selection of safety boosting car accessories at affordable prices including Bluetooth stereo receivers, anti-sleep alarms and many more.”

Data also shown that with the upcoming festivities, other indispensable items such as powerbanks and travel bags have gained in popularity. This indicates that Malaysians are already starting to prepare for Raya to ensure that they can enjoy endless entrainment on the go and easily carry their belongings for their ‘balik kampung’ journey.

Author: Terry KS

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