VMware Strengthens Cloud Sovereignty Partnerships to Address Data Protection Challenges

As businesses in Southeast Asia face increasing complexities in data protection and privacy regulations while aiming for scalable growth, they are turning to cloud sovereignty as a strategic solution. Recognizing this demand, VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW) has recently onboarded 19 new partners in the APJ region, including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. This expansion allows VMware to offer cloud sovereign capabilities to its customers.

The surge in cross-border commerce and geographical expansion has prompted organizations in the APJ region, particularly those in regulated industries, to closely examine their cloud strategies and evaluate data access and control. In a recent survey conducted by IDC, 63% of respondents expressed the utmost importance of having a cloud solution that provides complete jurisdictional control and authority over data. This further underscores the need for cloud infrastructures that offer data transparency, visibility, and tight control over data residency.

As digital transformation continues to increase reliance on data, countries throughout Asia are intensifying their efforts to develop data governance strategies and enforce legislation focused on privacy, protection, and security. Cloud sovereignty is no longer a luxury but a necessity. It emerges from the convergence of multiple factors: accelerated technological innovation, the exponential growth of data, data sensitivity, and the imperative to safeguard data integrity.

Paul Simos, VMware Vice President and Managing Director of Southeast Asia and Korea, emphasizes the significance of establishing a more secure and resilient cloud infrastructure. Such infrastructure opens doors for businesses to scale through multicloud environments, develop collaborative data ecosystems, unlock critical data-driven applications, and foster innovation with reduced risk. VMware Sovereign Cloud providers are well-positioned to navigate ambiguity and uncharted waters, enabling customers to achieve cutting-edge transformation at scale.

VMware Sovereign Cloud providers are trusted national or regional cloud service providers that unlock the value of critical data for private and public sector organizations. They provide audited security controls to better secure data, ensure compliance with data privacy laws, and offer full jurisdictional control, including data residency and data sovereignty.

To meet the evolving needs of organizations, VMware continues to expand its portfolio of sovereign Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings. Partners can deliver sovereign SaaS natively using VMware software in their sovereign cloud data centers, completely isolated from the public Internet. Data remains resident within a specific sovereign region, with no access granted to foreign jurisdictions. This ensures data privacy, security, and compliance with local regulations.

At VMware Explore 2022, the company announced several innovations in sovereign SaaS, including VMware Tanzu on sovereign cloud, VMware Aria Operations Compliance pack for sovereign clouds, and new open ecosystem solutions. These offerings empower VMware Sovereign Cloud providers to deliver services comparable to those found in public clouds. With sovereign SaaS, providers can offer highly differentiated solutions, simplify operations through continuous compliance monitoring, and support data monetization with lower risk.

VMware’s Sovereign Cloud Partnership has garnered strong endorsements from its partners across industries and geographies. Cloud HM’s CEO, Na-pajra Umpudh, highlights the significance of data security and control within each country’s jurisdiction, enabling organizations to protect their data from foreign control and influence. AIS Business’ Chief Enterprise Business Officer, Tanapong Ittisakulchai, emphasizes their commitment to enabling organizations to leverage cloud benefits while complying with local data privacy and security requirements. AVM Cloud’s CEO, David Chan, underscores the importance of architected solutions that meet strict regulations for regulated industries in Malaysia. Lintasarta’s Commerce Director, Ginandjar, expresses excitement about delivering secure and reliable cloud infrastructure for government agencies and critical industries. TM’s Group CEO, Imri Mokhtar, emphasizes their commitment to supporting Malaysia’s digital-first initiative and enabling digital transformation. Dialog Enterprise, Dialog Axiata PLC’s Group Chief Officer, Navin Pieris, highlights their VMware-powered sovereign cloud platform as a scalable, efficient, and secure solution for organizations operating in Sri Lanka.

As organizations in Southeast Asia navigate the evolving cloud landscape, VMware’s expansion of its partnership network and its dedication to providing sovereign cloud solutions offer vital support in achieving secure and scalable digital transformations.

17 May 2023

Author: Terry KS

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