Top 20 online florists in Malaysia

Based on the online findings conducted by VSDaily team, the following websites are the ‘Malaysia’s Top 20 Online Florists Year 2012″ chosen by VSDaily:

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  2. [Click for store review]
  3. [Click for store review]
  4. [Click for store review]
  5. [Click for store review]
  6. [Click for store review]
  7. [Click for store review]
  8. [Click for store review]
  9. [Click for store review]
  10. [Click for store review]
  11. [Click for store review]
  12. [Click for store review]
  13. [Click for store review]
  14. [Click for store review]
  15. [Click for store review]
  16. [Click for store review]
  17. [Click for store review]
  18. [Click for store review]
  19. [Click for store review]
  20. [Click for store review]

*Note: Modified on 21/7/13.

Author: VSDaily Editor

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  1. Hi Alice,
    How do you rank the online florists, by sales, hits or other metrics?
    Please share your thoughts

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  2. Bad experience with First of all, they replace the add on item with a different colour without notify the sender. Secondly, the flower bouquet that delivered has a bunch of Lilies that were not open? Their reason for me is most of the customer prefer this? Did they even ask me or do i have to mark it “i need a rose and lily that is fully open and mature”?. Lastly, the delivery guy didn’t make a phone call to the recipient before delivery as requested, he just left the flower on the recipient and walk away. Truly disappointed with the service. Opps, anyway, i don’t think they have customer service as their phone line 03-2272 2222 is always engaged and no one give a shit about ur order.

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    • Agree.!! Bad experience too. My hubby ordered flowers to me to be delivered on Feb 14,2014. Till today 15/2/2014, no text, no call or whatsoever information from them. Won’t ever order from them again in future. Paid premium service, you will get regular service. And they not delivery everyday from 8 am-midnight as they post it in their website. (Based on my experience)

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  3. Really bad experience and LOUSY service with My husband is staying overseas and ordered flowers for valentine’s day to me. Requested delivery between 5pm-10pm (I am living in down town KL). Not in somewhere remote location.
    Till today 15/2/2014 at 9 am I wrote this, NO SMS, NO CALL, or what so ever from them till I complained to them and they claimed had system problem yesterday. BS!! Hello??? Valentine’s day is only one day in one year and it is high season, why they can not prepare it all the customers data in Valentines day delivery slots in the morning before the system problem came they claimed it. As anticipation. Why we have to pay premium price which delivery in normal days/regular order?? Even their website it is posted ‘Daily delivery from 8am-midnight’. And it is also ‘not true’. Though, the customer service who answer my call did not saying ‘sorry or apology’ for their lousy service. Scale 1-5, I will give scale 1. Stop yr business if you can not deliver what you promise to customers. Very Lousy Service!!!

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  4. Lousy service from Very bad experience. Hubby ordered flower for me to be delivered on Feb 14,2014. Till today there is no delivery of flowers or text, or call from them to me. Why did we have to pay premium price but they can not fulfill our request?? Very Lousy service.

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  5. Any updated for this? i’m looking for deliver services florist in malaysia which able to send to penang. Previously using G-ray, they are quite good but i would like to try others. Any recommended?

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