The Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2014

Oct 11, 2013 (Fri): At the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2013 which was organized on October 6-10 in Orlando, Gartner Inc. highlighted the top ten technologies and trends that will be strategic for most organizations in 2014. The top ten strategic technology trends for 2014 are:

  1. Mobile Device Diversity and Management
  2. Mobile Apps and Applications
  3. The Internet of Everything
  4. Hybrid Cloud and IT as Service Broker
  5. Cloud/Client Architecture
  6. The Era of Personal Cloud
  7. Software Defined Anything – A collective term that encapsulates the growing market momentum for improved standards for infrastructure programmability and data center interoperability driven by automation inherent to cloud computing, DevOps and fast infrastructure provisioning.
  8. Web-Scale IT – A pattern of global-class computing that delivers the capabilities of large cloud service providers within an enterprise IT setting by rethinking positions across several dimensions.
  9. Smart Machines
  10. 3-D Printing

Author: VSDaily Editor

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