The Landscape of Social Login & Sharing in eCommerce

Oct 7, 2013 (Mon): Social login is a form of single sign-on using existing login information from a social networking service such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to sign into a third party website in lieu of creating a new login account specifically for that website. It has become a standard on the web and on mobile devices to help simplify logins for end users as well as provide more and more reliable demographic information to web developers.

The social infrastructure technology provider Gigya has released an infographic which is composed of data from its clients to reveal some remarkable trends in how consumers use their identities within different types of sites and apps.

According to the infographic, Pinterest ascends to the leader spot in eCommerce sharing, beating out Facebook (37%) and Twitter (17%). According to Gigya, Pinterest has become increasingly valuable for online retailers, including its client Indigo which saw a 78% jump in social sharing just two months after implementing the “Pin it” button though Gigya’s Share Bar. However, Facebook still is the dominant identity provider among online retailers.

Simplified Social Landscape

Author: VSDaily Editor

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