The Crucial of Add-To-Cart Button to Make eCommerce Successful

Oct 19, 2013 (Sat): The add-to-cart button in your ecommerce site is one of crucial factors that can drive higher conversion rate. But, how it works?

Volusion has recently conducted a study about the add-to-cart buttons of the top 50 ecommerce sites, from color to size to icons. The result of the study is summarized in the below infographic and you may take the opportunity to review you’re add-to-cart button and learn how to boost conversions on your product page.

Typically the best button color is the one that contrasts the most with color scheme of your site. However, orange may be the most popular color that can drive higher conversion based on the study result. The study also shows having adequate spacing around the button, good size, better wording and arrow icon can deliver better conversion rate.

Infographic 10 17 2013222 Infographic: Constructing a Higher Converting Add to Cart Button
Courtesy of: Volusion

Author: VSDaily Editor

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