Synopsys Emerges as Leader in Static Application Security Testing, Forrester Report Reveals

Synopsys has achieved recognition as a leader in static application security testing (SAST) in Forrester’s latest report. The report applauds Synopsys’ Coverity® SAST solution for its excellence in detecting security vulnerabilities in proprietary code and its seamless integration into developer workflows.

25 September 2023 – Leading technology company Synopsys, Inc. has received accolades as a prominent figure in the dynamic landscape of static application security testing. The prestigious recognition comes from Forrester Research, Inc., which recently released its third-quarter 2023 report, “The Forrester Wave™: Static Application Security Testing.”

The comprehensive evaluation conducted by Forrester assessed 11 of the most influential vendors operating in the static application security testing (SAST) market. These vendors were meticulously evaluated across 26 distinct criteria, categorized into three overarching domains: Current Offering, Strategy, and Market Presence. Synopsys’ Coverity® SAST solution emerged as a frontrunner, securing the second-highest score in the Current Offering category, alongside being tied for the second-highest rankings in the Strategy and Market Presence categories.

Forrester’s report underscores the pivotal role of static application security testing solutions in the domain of cybersecurity. These solutions empower security and development leaders by swiftly identifying and prioritizing security vulnerabilities in proprietary code. Crucially, they integrate seamlessly into the developers’ workflows, ensuring a harmonious marriage of security and software development.

Within the Current Offering category, Synopsys garnered the highest score in the Detection criterion. Furthermore, it earned one of the highest scores in the Product Security criterion and jointly held the second-highest position in the DevSecOps Workflows criterion. In the Strategy category, Synopsys earned perfect scores in critical areas such as Roadmap, Partner Ecosystem, and Supporting Services and Offerings criteria.

Forrester’s report recognized Coverity as a game-changer due to its native, high-confidence, high-impact scan analysis. This approach yields actionable results, enabling developers to take swift corrective action. Moreover, the Software Risk Manager simplifies the aggregation of results from various scan types and vendors. This empowers security professionals to efficiently prioritize security issues and filter out false positives using various parameters like policy, age, predicted status, and an ML confidence rating based on triage history. The inclusion of custom checkers ensures the maintenance of a remarkably low false-alarm rate, as attested by one satisfied customer.

Jason Schmitt, the General Manager of the Synopsys Software Integrity Group, expressed gratitude for the recognition and underlined its significance. In an era characterized by the ascent of DevOps and AI-assisted coding solutions, the ability to swiftly identify and rectify vulnerabilities in proprietary code holds paramount importance. Synopsys remains committed to aiding organizations in building unwavering trust in their software, seamlessly and at the pace demanded by modern business dynamics.

Author: vsdaily

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