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One of researches done by Jupiter says that more than two third of online shoppers are influenced by consumer generated reviews. Therefore, as a serious online seller, here is a good platform to list your online stores and generate good reviews of your store among the consumers in the country. Some more, listing in is at zero fee.


To list your store with, please follow the below steps:

Step 1:

Use the site’s search function to search the online store you want to list in If the site is not found, then only proceed to Step 2.

*NOTE: VSDaily only list in websites offer online purchase.

Step 2:

Please prepare the following info:

  • Seller’s Company Name
  • Seller’s Company Registration No.
  • Seller’s Business Address
  • Seller’s Contact Number
  • Seller’s Email Address
  • Online Store URL

*IMPORTANT: Please remember to provide all the info as required above (in Step 2), else VSDaily editorial team will process your request.

Step 3:

Email the required information (as mentioned in Step 2) to You will be notified once the store is listed.