Sony Unveils First Backup SD Card in the World

Aug 19, 2013 (Mon): Sony has introduced world’s first ever memory card that automatically performs real-time backup copies of files for Windows-based PCs and notebooks. As long as the users keeping Sony’s Backup SD Card in the computer’s SD slot, any pre-designated file and folders are automatically updated on the card itself and thus any important files missing can be avoided when the computer crashes.

The Backup SD Card is offered in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities, and will be available in selected Asia Pacific countries for sales from mid of September 2013 onwards.

Sony has prepared a special 30-day trial for interested users who are keen to test out the functions of the Backup SD card. While the new “Real-time Backup Utility” software works only with the Backup SD card, this trial will allow SD Cards from other companies to be used with the software. It can be downloaded via this website

Author: VSDaily Editor

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