Skitch 3 Launched for iOS 7

Sept 28, 2013 (Sat): Evernote has launched Skitch 3 for iOS 7, which is redesigned to emphasize the features that provide the best mobile annotation experience and makes getting your point across faster and more intuitive than ever.

The new Skitch 3 is built with an entirely new capture mode – Quick Shot Mode, which can let users create an annotated image that’s ready to share in seconds. It also allows users to add captions to the images and share their annotated images with the attendees of an event on their calendar via “Send to Meeting” feature. The new added “AirDrop” allows users to send their Skitch images from one iOS 7 device to another that’s nearby.

In Skitch 3.0, the images will no longer automatically sync to Evernote so the users can choose what content they want to save in Evernote.

Meanwhile, Skitch logo has been changed to the feathers of an arrow which is in line with its core direction.

Can add caption to image. Credit: Evernote.

Author: VSDaily Editor

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