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They are a proud Australian business that is eager to share the natural beauty and diversity of their country with the world. In the past, there lands were shrouded in mystery and was referred to by the ancients as Terra Australis Incognita or the ‘unknown land of the south’. This gave Australia a romantic mystique until it was finally discovered by the early European explorers of the seventeenth century.

Their wealth is closely intertwined with the diverse geography of the country. The aboriginal peoples have a deep reverence for the natural environment and this is featured heavily in their Dreamtime mythology as well as their body, rock and cave art. Aboriginal reverence of the land is unsurprising as the country is home to some of the world’s richest natural environments.

Australia is one of only seventeen megadiverse countries in the world. This is due to our rich collection of animal and plant life species. Australian landscapes range from the dry and arid outback of the central region to the subtropical rainforest of the North and the mountain ranges of the South East. The land has given us intricate and ancient Aboriginal crafts and artworks such as the didgeridoo, boomerang and bullroarer. In modern times, Australia has become famous for its exports of fine wines, sheepskin, wool, leather and tea tree products.

Moreover, they are a sporting nation and feature heavily in many global sporting events. Australians are especially proud of our achievements in rugby and they are all unflinching supporters of our national rugby team, the Wallabies.

At Shop Australia they strive to unlock everything that this stunning country has to offer by showcasing her products and rich culture to the world.

Author: VSDaily Editor

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