Started since 2005, ShaShinKi® is the First & Largest Online Camera Shop in Malaysia. Over 20,000 products online, over 100,000 successful transactions, over 70,000 registered customers, featured in major newspapers in Malaysia…etc., ShaShinKi® has become the benchmark, source and reference of photographic equipment in Malaysia. ShaShinKi® aims to provide all sorts of photographic equipment at reasonable price to photographers in Malaysia.

In Japanese, shashin means photograph, ki means machine. When combine these two words together, it forms the meaning of a machine that is able to capture photograph. In short, ShaShinKi® also means Camera.

ShaShinKi® is a Malaysia registered company, first incorporated under a sole proprietor company in year 2006, under company registration number IP0234508-T, located in Johor, Malaysia. In Year 2014, Shashinki Sdn Bhd was established, and all operations of ShaShinKi were shifted to the new company. The word ShaShinKi® is a trademark of Shasinki Sdn Bhd.

Directed by DR KOH KHO KING, who is also the Co-Founder and Administrator of the Malaysia First & Largest Online Photography Community ~

  • Company Name: Shashinki Sdn Bhd (1102830-P)
  • Business Address: No. 1, Jalan Flora 1/7, Taman Pulai Flora, 81300 Skudai, Johor
  • Country: Malaysia
  • URL:

Author: VSDaily Editor

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  1. This company id DISHONEST. After taking my order, and receiving payment, and waiting ONE WEEK they suddenly cancelled the – but I will not receive back the full amount I paid.

    If they do not want business from someone in Malaysia using my own overseas credit card then they should be HONEST and state the policy BEFORE taking the money – simply do not accept the order. To take the money and wait a week before suddenly cancelling is DISHONEST.

    They use Paypal for orders – this is an American company that does not seem to understand that people also live and travel in other parts of the world. Use Stripe or accept credit cards directly. Paypal lives on its brand name, not its service and certainly not its Customer Service, which is as bad as Shashinki.

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