Ragnarok Origin Introduces Sigil Tablet Update for Malaysian Players

Ragnarok Origin, the popular MMORPG developed by renowned South Korean video game developer Gravity, is delighted to announce the release of the highly-anticipated Sigil Tablet update for Malaysian players. This exciting update introduces a new feature that allows players to enhance their characters and personalize their gameplay by embedding powerful sigils onto stone tablets.

The Tablet System Update is set to bring a new level of fun and excitement to the Malaysian Ragnarok Origin community. Here are seven key aspects of the update that Malaysian gamers can look forward to:

  1. Tablet System Unlocked: Players can access the Tablet System by reaching base level 75. Upon completing a guide quest, they will unlock the system and receive free sigils.
  2. Customize Sigils: With the Tablet System, players can embed one active sigil, one specific class sigil, and up to four passive sigils simultaneously. Sigils offer various bonus effects that can be activated during combat.
  3. Types of Sigils: Sigils are categorized into three types: active sigils, job-exclusive sigils, and passive sigils.
  4. Active Sigils: These sigils provide additional combat skills that players can actively use. They offer a diverse range of abilities, such as Primal Power, Descent of the Holy Light, and Excalibur, each with its own unique set of skills to enhance combat prowess.
  5. Job Sigils: Exclusive to specific Jobs, these sigils enhance particular skills. For example, the Aura Enchantment sigil boosts the buff duration and provides additional bonuses for Lord Knights.
  6. Passive Sigils: These sigils can be activated during battles, regardless of the player’s class, granting advantageous effects to gain an edge in combat. They include sigils like Endless Nightmare, Guardian of Mayfly, Choice of Fate, Child of Destiny, and Blessing of Courage.
  7. Sigil Activation and Upgrade: Unlocking and upgrading sigils provide permanent collection stats, bonus stats, and item rewards. Maximize the potential of your sigils to enjoy a wide range of bonuses.

Players can acquire sigils and sigil shards in various ways, such as exploring the Juperos Ruins, earning Dungeon Leaderboard rewards, and purchasing random sigil boxes in the Nyan Berry Shop and Diamond Shop.

Prepare for intense battles in the Juperos Ruins, facing powerful Boss monsters and striving to deal devastating damage within the time limit. Be cautious of the Bosses’ revival and aim for high rankings to earn valuable rewards. Clear the challenges, assemble a formidable team, and seize the opportunity to claim rewards up to twice a week.

The Sigil Tablet system is now available, offering exciting rewards. Download and log in to Ragnarok Origin to unlock numerous benefits and embark on thrilling adventures!

Author: VSDaily Editor

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