PGEM E-learning Platform Now Connects with Malaysian Students and Professionals

September 16, 2014 (Tue): Paradigm Global Education and Management Co. Ltd. (PGEM), a global educational consultancy company in Hong Kong, now extends their educational programs to Malaysian teachers and students. The organization has been operating and providing learning solutions to students and professionals globally since 2010. With the team of academic experts, PGEM’s primary mission is to cater individual student’s need — homework help, professional advice, study programs, university counseling, and SAT/ACT exam preparations.

As part of their projects, PGEM conducts study programs in Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos. The specific program for these countries is called Service Learning Projects where students can participate in community development activities. Adding to that is the chance to experience the rich culture and tradition of the locality they will be staying in for the duration of the program. Malaysia is among the other locations to host a PGEM Study Program.

Now that they have extended their services to Malaysia, PGEM expects a number of professionals to become part of the fast-growing organization, wherein they can share their knowledge and expertise to students worldwide. In the same way, Malaysian students can also ask advice and guidance for their academic and career concerns. With the advancement of technology, PGEM adopts the idea of bringing in online classrooms in terms of connecting with their global clients.

The organization has chosen Malaysia as the next success story seeing the country’s current ranking in the world’s most preferred study destinations (ranked 11th by UNESCO). In the statistics, it is also mentioned that the country populates 2% of international students around the world. With PGEM’s academic services, local students will have the opportunity for continuing higher education to many reputable universities in United States, United Kingdom, and other parts of the world.
PGEM started as a small group of passionate education professionals headed by the CEO Anthony Bernardo. “The idea of online tutoring isn’t new in the industry however, our focus is to guarantee the highest quality of help and personalized experience to our clients,” he shared.

“Our experts include IBDP certified professionals, academic tutors, university counselors, and career advisers, who had undergone intensive, screening, background check, and certification, so we guarantee to give the best services to our clients,” Bernardo added.

With many years in the e-learning arena, PGEM partnered with some of the most trusted global institutions like Oxford Study Courses (OSC), Alberta Teachers Association (ATA), IDP, Sierra Nevada Journeys, Test Rocker, and Snow Leopard Adventures. With the extended coverage in Malaysia, the organization is constantly looking for partnerships and group of professionals with its mission of providing world-class service and education opportunities to global learners.

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