Oracle Launches Multi Tenant and Cloud Nature Database 12c

Wed,  Jul 03, 2013: Oracle Corporation, the world’s No.1 database solution leading IT solution provider, today announces the latest generation of the world’s #1 database, Oracle Database 12c, is available for download from Oracle Technology Network (OTN).

The new Oracle Database 12c introduces a new multitenant architecture that simplifies the process of consolidating databases onto the cloud; enabling customers to manage many databases as one without changing their applications.

Oracle Database 12c, optimized on SPARC and Intel® Xeon® processors, is a major release. It introduces 500 additional features and is the result of 2,500 person-years of development and 1.2 million hours of testing, plus an extensive beta program with Oracle’s customers and partners.

“The key challenges that today’s enterprise data center managers facing are the cost, complexity, and inflexibility represented by the large numbers of production databases operating in fixed server configurations and most of which are substantially underutilized,” said Carl Olofson, Research Vice President for Database Management and Data Integration software research at IDC.

“It is in the nature of most enterprise database server software that those databases cannot be moved about or redeployed easily.Oracle Database 12c offers an elegant solution to this problem that not only enables deployment flexibility and eases the administration of multiple databases, but does so in a way that requires neither changes to applications nor a steep learning curve for DBAs. It also sets up the data center well for any move in the direction of Cloud Computing.”

New Multitenant Architecture for Database Consolidation on the Cloud

Oracle Database 12c addresses the key challenges of customers who are consolidating databases in a private cloud model by enabling greatly improved efficiency and lower management costs, while retaining the autonomy of separate databases.

Oracle Multitenant manages many databases as one and can increase server resource utilization and reduce the time and effort required for database upgrades, backup, recovery, and much more.

In addition, Oracle Database 12c includes more security innovations than any other previous Oracle database release; helping customers address evolving threats and stringent data privacy regulations.

“The innovations in Oracle Database 12c were developed with our customers’ cloud requirements very much in mind,” said Andrew Mendelsohn, senior vice president, Database Server Technologies, Oracle.

“The new multitenant architecture makes it easier for customers to consolidate their databases and securely manage many as one. It also offers customers other capabilities for cloud computing such as simplified provisioning, cloning and resource prioritization without resorting to major application changes,” ends Mendelsohn.

Andy Mendelsohn, senior vice president, Database Server Technologies, Oracle.

Author: VSDaily Editor

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