National Instruments Deployed Oracle HCM Cloud for HR Transformation

August 27, 2014 (Wed): National Instruments (NI), the provider of test and measurement hardware and software and embedded systems for engineer and scientist, has recently implemented Oracle Global Human Resources (HR) Cloud, a component of Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud to better identify and leverage top talents from across its global organization.

With 7,100 employees in 50 countries worldwide, NI needed to replace multiple legacy HR systems with a modern, cloud-enabled system that could efficiently maintain consistent and accurate employee information on a global scale.

Wendy Cottrell, senior HRIS manager, NI shared that one of the goals at NI is to create a great place to work for our employees. As an HR Team we want to be able to focus on developing our talent.

“Since we have talent located in approximately 50 countries it is very important that our HR system is industry standard and consistent across borders. So that, HR, managers and employees can spend less time gathering data and more time using that data for effective decision making,” added Cottrell.

After evaluating different options, NI has selected Oracle HCM Cloud, as it provides the scalability and flexibility required to optimize critical tasks such as managing headcount, recruitment, onboarding and learning.

The solution will also help managers and executives better understand their workforce and develop their talent by delivering a single, real-time system for all employee’s records that is fully integrated with NI’s existing Oracle E-Business Suite footprint.

By streamlining administrative processes, Oracle HCM Cloud will enable NI’s HR team to spend more time nurturing existing talent, competitively recruiting top candidates and ensuring each employee is efficiently onboarded.

“Being a technology company, we place tremendous value on the software we use, that’s why we consider our HCM software not just a HR solution but a business solution. We took our decision to choose Oracle HCM Cloud very seriously. We expect that it will have a huge impact on the way we operate and are excited to see the results unfold,” Cottrell ends.

Author: Terry KS

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