Love, Bonito started out as a passion project in 2006. Just a couple of 18 year old girls with a desire to share their love for fashion and earn a little extra pocket money. The support and love for Love, Bonito that they got from the customers was just overwhelming and they were pleasantly surprised at the response they were getting!

It spread by word of mouth through the personal network of their wonderful customers who resonated with the style and designs so much that they started to share with their friends about them. As the business grew, they were thrust into the world of online retail and became full fledged entrepreneurs. With little experience except their gut feel and the tenacity to make it work, there were definitely struggles and a never ending supply of self-doubt. At times because of sheer exhaustion, they questioned themselves if this was worthwhile. Should they have gone on a more conventional route?

However, there were those moments in their business that they got a chance to have real heart to heart conversations with customers where they shared with us how Love, Bonito has impacted them; how it made them feel just a little bit more confident when they were feeling down or really just those heartfelt encouragements that were showered really gave them the strength and inspiration to carry on. That wave of encouragement and inspiration gave them the boost the founders needed to rise to the challenge. The very reason Love, Bonito exists today, is because of the kindness and love from our Love, Bonito community, their amazing customers and loved ones who extended a helping hand or a kind word in times of need. It is in that loving word, that thoughtful gesture or that simple story that was said and done and realising the power of those simple acts, that sparked the idea that Love, Bonito can exist with a larger purpose to pass on this same positive empowerment that we experienced.

Love, Bonito is here, to not just dress women, they are here to support you as customer, to give you that encouragement when you feel like you can’t carry on, to give you that little boost of confidence when you feel your worst, to be that kind word, that thoughtful gesture, that helping hand. Love, Bonito is about women. It’s about community. The founders believe that you are enough and that everyone holds within them the power to create a positive change. And so in whatever they do, they hope to be able to inspire and dress the women of today to be the change for tomorrow. The founders believe in you! Just as you have believed in them.

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