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Haute Avenue is one of the region’s leading and fastest growing online shopping destinations and is closely followed by more than 200,000 shoppers. It was founded in 2009 in Singapore and had expanded to Malaysia in November 2011. Haute Avenue provides invitation-only access to the world’s most-coveted brands at insider prices. Members discover a well-curated selection of products and experiences on sale at up to 70 per cent off retail. Items on sales include designer and high-street handbags, shoes, accessories, watches and clothes for both men and women. Each sale is open for a limited time period, so fastest fingers will enjoy their discounts.

Business Name: Haute Avenue Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Business Address: 37-9 The Boulevard, Mid Valley City, 59200, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Online Store URL: www.hauteavenue.com
Domain Name Admin. Address: Hidden
Merchant Email: heidi@hauteavenue.com
Merchant Contact No.: +603-22812888
Years in e-business: Since 2009
Business Category: Apparels, Accessories & Shoes; Beauty & Skincare; Bags, Handbags & Luggage
Payment methods: MasterCard, Visa, direct bank in and bank transfer (HSBC Bank)
Shipping methods: Malaysia:Not statedInternational: Not stated
Shipping charges: Malaysia:For purchases below RM 350, shipping rates will depend on your location and the weight of your product. For purchases above RM 350 is free shipping.International: N/A
Shipping period: Malaysia:3 – 5 working days unless otherwise stated in the product description.International: N/A
Website developed by: N/A
Return / Refund policy: Returns are accepted only for incorrect or defective items shipped.
Alexa Ranking (updated on 28/12/12): 187,220 (MY: 1,949)
Sites linked in (updated on 28/12/12): 61
Facebook Fans (updated on 28/12/12): 617
Has this site hosted malware (checked on 28/12/12): No, this site has not hosted malicious software over the past 90 days.

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Author: VSDaily Editor

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  1. Don’t shop with Haute Avenue. They charged your credit card for months and always ended with stock delay or cancellation of purchase with refund later on. They never bother to update you for delay as well. This site cannot be trusted!

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    • Yes, i have purchased items through this site and its now more than 1 1/2 months i still have not received my item and i spent a lot on them. I have been calling them non stop but no avail. The above phone number that they provide doesnt even exist !! Cheater !!!

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      • so end up cheated??my case same as you….

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  2. Me too, unable to contact them, no reply via e-mail. I am wondering whether the office still exist, what will be the resolution?

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  3. I have made my order one month ago, send many emails via Helpdesk but no reply, called many times but no answer. What shall we do then ? How to recover back our money ?

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  4. I waited for 2 months alrd and called them like 50over times in a day for about a week but thr is no response.is this site a scam or what? Should I lodge a police report?

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  5. They send me a defective Prada bag, after complained, they said will ask GDEX to come for collection n make a full refund,til now still don’t have any news from them(before cny til now). They are selling authentic items? But the Prada looks fake, the quality really %#$%#!!!

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  6. Dear all,

    Now I only realise I am also one of the many…..I ordered my watch since Nov 2013 and I waited till now- Feb 2014 i still dint get anything !! I requested for refund and initially they told me its already being processing but when I am trying to call and email them there is totally no reply at all!!

    I have submitted complaint to NCCC and still waiting for response. In the mean time, what can we do to get our money back!!??Shall we just go to their office and knock their door!!?? I am really pissed off!!

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  7. Being cheated as well, purchase item since Dec 3. I ask for a refund till now February 13, 2014 still haven’t receive. Called them and no answer… Dear all please call Catcha.com as it is their parent company @ 03-22970999. I hope everyone can just call and bug them… alto they’ll say they try to transfer the line.. but still no answer!!!!! damn mad

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  8. the same happened to me. I’ve ordered my YSL bag since 3rd Dec 2013. Only mid Jan 2014 when i called them thousand times only gotta know that there’s some issue with the shipment. I asked for a refund and till now, still no news. and the phone number provided by them doesn’t even exist.

    Dear all,
    Please call their parent company @ 03-22970999. The parent company is Catcha.com

    Totally dissapointed. this is not the first time, i’m experiencing this bullshit bout shipment delay etc etc.

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    • Bt even if we call their parent company are they going to refund us??How can we get back our payment???I just want my money back…:(

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  9. I have not recieved my item too. Tried calling their parent company Catcha media, but all they did was to transfer the line and still no reply!!! Those who had made the orders, is there any tracking order status showing in the account?

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  10. The webpage is under maintenance for many days. How to contact them? How to get the refund? T_T

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  11. I just had to exchange 2 coach bags for a different style, and had the best customer service experience! Thanks for making the process easy! I’m sad the initial bags didn’t work out, but calling the customer service line was such a pleasant experience. I have new bags on the way, and hopefully they’ll work out! I’ll definitely shop at Haute Avenue again! I had initially ordered 3 bags and 1 matched great. If it hadn’t been for your awesome return policy, I would have been too afraid to order online. Thank you Haute Avenue!

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    • Can u give me their number? coz i failed to contact them n they didn’t reply the email also…zzzzz

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  12. They basically are one of the sites that offer the best discounts on branded items. I’ve shopped on their website for more than 3 times. In terms of delivery, so far i have received my items quite quickly with no issues. 2 of my orders actually got delivered within 2 days. So that is quite a good experience for me.

    I think some of the other websites out there are very slow in delivery. Sometimes i have to wait one month or more.

    If you are looking for branded items at bargain price then haute aveneu is a good website for it. Just check the delivery time as its stated some items may take longer to reach.

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  13. Good discounts and excellent service. Heidi was very helpful with my order and patiently assisted me. My LV bag took 3 days to reach me. Satisfied and happy with their service so far :)

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  14. I have been a customer of Haute Avenue for 2 years now and wanted to take the time to give feedback on their service. I have been absolutely delighted with Haute’s products, the ease of navigating the site, and most importantly the ease of receiving and returning items. I use Haute specifically for the designer products that you carry because I can return what I do not wish very easily. The speed in which their products arrive is also another reason that I shop on Haute Avenue frequently. 2 of my colleagues also value Haute Avenue for the reasons I have stated. I just wanted to take the time to say thank you Haute Avenue!

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  15. I shop with them often often, but don’t often have to deal with customer service. However, when I do, they’re nice and accommodating and that’s one of the reasons I continue to shop there.

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  16. Being cheated as well, i have purchased prada handbag and they send me Prada which is MADE IN CHINA.

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