Foursquare will make privacy policy changes on 28/1/13

The location-based social networking platform Foursquare, in its statement announced that they are going to make couple changes on the Foursquare’s privacy policy after end of this month.

Effect on January 28, 2013, Foursquare will display the users’ full name and allow a business on Foursquare will be able to see more of their recent customers. Currently, a business using Foursquare (like a corner coffee shop) can see the customers who have checked-in in the last three hours (in addition to the most recent and their most loyal visitors). This is great for helping store owners identify their customers and give them more personal service or offers. But a lot of businesses only have time to log in at the end of the day to look at it. So, with this change, Foursquare is going to be showing them more of those recent check-ins, instead of just three hours worth. As always, if the users prefer not to permit businesses to see when he or she checks into his or her location going forward, he or she can uncheck the box under ‘Location Information’ at

by Terry Brown

Author: VSDaily Editor

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