Exabytes Launches EBiz Power Hosting with Mobility Features

Aug 25, 2013 (Sun): – Exabytes Network Sdn Bhd (‘Exabytes’), a Malaysian web and cloud hosting provider, has launched its latest all-in-one web hosting solution, the “EBiz Power Hosting” plan that it has customized for SMB entrepreneurs across the region.

The newly launched EBiz Power Hosting plan is an all-in-one web-hosting package for companies to set up their own business domain, immediately run eCommerce activities, and address all their IT security concerns in a single sign up.

Chan Kee Siak, CEO and founder of Exabytes Network Sdn Bhd shares, “No doubt that the Internet world moves very quickly, with changing challenges and competition. So instead of spending resources to manage the business’ online representation – in its website appearance, network traffic, security and hosting accessibility issues, business owners really should focus more on their product and service marketing strategy for better chances of eCommerce survival.”

“Exabytes’ EBiz Power Hosting plan was developed with these business concerns in mind; as we are committed to bring the most value-added solutions to our customers so that they can expect to have all their web hosting and online business taken care off at minimal costs.

“The new Exabytes EBiz Power Hosting Plan combined Generous Web Disk Space, Website Builder, Mobile Site Builder, Website Marketing Tool, Website Security Tool and Enterprise Class Email & Communication Tool in one package so that customers doesn’t have to worry or confused on what they need to subscribe as now they get all the tools under one plan as a bundle. This provides better values added and great savings to customers,” adds Chan.

Web-hosting Meets Mobility

Capitalizing on the growing mobility trends, Exabytes’ EBiz Power Hosting offering has incorporated an intuitive mobile website builder function called the “GoMobi”, which extends the web-hosting service package to include a special feature to set up a mobile presence, in order for the SME business or entrepreneur to reach out to the growing smartphone consumer market in Malaysia

This new special function allows Exabytes customers to set up a mobile version of their main Internet website, which is compatible to various mobile Operating Systems (OS), such as iOS, BlackBerry, Android/Chrome and Windows, in order to cater to all the different and popular mobile users devices.

Additionally, the “Killer” feature of Exabytes EBiz Power Hosting is the German-based enterprise class email and communication tool known as “Open-Exchange OX App Suite”.

OX App Suite is an innovative communication and collaboration platform serving as an intuitive and Web-based mobile interface that integrates email, documents, office productivity, scheduling and social media.

Chan adds, “Companies are increasingly looking for one-stop solution providers to support their hosting and online business operation demands.”

“Business-class email, scheduling, file management and social networking are all killer applications for small and mid-sized businesses as well as for consumers. OX App Suite meets these requirements and capabilities, and delivers it under a single and modern integrated user interface.”

The Six main features of the Exabytes EBiz Power Hosting plan essential for Online Website set-up and operations are namely GoMobi (Mobile Site Builder), SiteLock (Web security), cPanel (control panel with GUI), OpenXchange (Groupware for tasks, contacts and emails management), Attracta SEO (Search Engine Optimisation tool) and SiteBuilder (DIY web design software).

“Exabytes has made EBiz Power Hosting incredibly affordable at a starting fee of as low as just RM5 per user per month. We are confident that market users will embrace this plan as their way to really start taking advantage of eCommerce for their business.”

For more information and promotion discount on sign up, please visit http://www.exabytes.com.my/web-hosting/sme-ebiz-power-hosting/.

Chan Kee Siak, CEO of Exabytes.

Author: VSDaily Editor

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