EdgePoint Infrastructure Assumes Key Role as Diamond Sponsor at TowerXchange Meetup Asia 2023, Paving the Way for a Connected Digital ASEAN

EdgePoint Infrastructure, one of ASEAN’s significant telecommunications infrastructure companies, takes on the role of Diamond Sponsor at the TowerXchange Meetup Asia 2023, reinforcing its commitment to building a connected digital ASEAN. CEO and Founder, Suresh Sidhu, will deliver the keynote address, while EdgePoint’s representatives are set to share critical insights during panel discussions. With a remarkable presence across Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines, EdgePoint is well-positioned to offer insights into the telecommunications industry’s future.

13 October 2023 – EdgePoint Infrastructure, a prominent telecommunications infrastructure firm within ASEAN, has reaffirmed its dedication to establishing a connected digital ASEAN by stepping forward as the Diamond Sponsor of the annual TowerXchange Meetup Asia 2023. The event will feature a keynote address by Suresh Sidhu, the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of EdgePoint Infrastructure.

In its capacity as the Diamond Sponsor, EdgePoint will play a pivotal role in furthering TowerXchange’s mission to provide cutting-edge industry insights during the event. The company’s speakers are set to participate in panel discussions, sharing crucial insights on a range of topics.

Having experienced remarkable growth in just three years since its inception in 2020, EdgePoint presently oversees more than 14,000 sites across Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. This extensive presence positions the company uniquely to offer perspectives on the future of the telecommunications industry.

Suresh Sidhu, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of EdgePoint Infrastructure, underscored the significance of the sponsorship, stating, “EdgePoint’s participation in the TowerXchange Meetup underscores our commitment to advancing the telecommunications tower industry as a whole. By sharing our insights and engaging with industry players across the Asia Pacific, we aim to contribute to a robust telecommunications ecosystem capable of meeting the demands of the digital era. We eagerly anticipate interactions with fellow industry leaders, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), and other stakeholders as we work together to fortify the regional ecosystem.”

During EdgePoint’s speaking slots, attendees can anticipate gaining insights into the evolving dynamics of the telecommunications tower industry, innovative strategies, and best practices related to investment, operational efficiency, and power management. These aspects play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the telecommunications infrastructure sector.

The TowerXchange Meetup Asia 2023 is globally recognized as a focal point of the telecommunications tower industry. It is one of the rare occasions where the Asia Pacific telecommunication tower ecosystem convenes under a single roof. The event provides access to industry data, in-depth analysis of emerging trends, and promotes networking and collaboration by uniting industry investors, management teams, and other stakeholders.

Author: Terry KS

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