Since Cooked was founded, they have striven to give you the best possible experience for a quality meal delivered on time. They are shifting away from a daily menu to a weekly menu. Now customers can enjoy a greater selection of 11 dishes per day, compared to the previous 4.

  • Company Name: N/A
  • Business Address: D-01-05, Southgate Commercial Centre, 2 Jalan Dua Off Jalan Chan Sow Lin, Kuala Lumpur
  • Country: Malaysia
  • URL:

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  1. First time order, login in order get thru and receive message on order ref number.
    After 1hhr plus don’t get any order, hence contact the customer service at their web-site. Give the order code, he told me was on the way. After 30min, order still yet receive, message them again, he told me my order number not exit and he was miss out thats was other ppl order. I told him after i order i have rec confirmation email, he told me the order was blank. When i rec order confirmation email, i don’t go thru the whole email and i tho with the order confirmation the order was confirmed.
    actually is not, he told me the order was blank.
    the issue is their system, if my order cart is blank why does it still go thru?? and when i ask you you dont even call me to follow thru and etc??
    whats a sucks customer service. i will never ever order from them again.

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