Cognizant Named a Top IT Infrastructure Transformation Consulting Provider by Kennedy Consulting Research and Advisory

SINGAPORE, 4 May 2015 (Mon): Cognizant has announced that it has been named a top IT Infrastructure Transformation Consulting provider by Kennedy Consulting Research and Advisory, an ALM business — a leader in market analysis on the consulting profession.

The Kennedy Vanguard™ of IT Transformation Consulting Providers assessed 16 firms on six key IT infrastructure transformation capabilities along three dimensions—consulting service lines, client vertical industries, and global geographic regions—to rate their ability to help clients keep up with evolving technologies, meet strategic goals, optimize cost, reduce risk, and improve agility and service quality. Providers were evaluated on their ability to effectively assess and analyze IT infrastructure environment, convey business implications, and make recommendations for client-specific needs, as well as their knowledge of country-specific laws and best practices in IT operations.

Cognizant was rated highly for its strong capabilities in IT infrastructure transformation strategy and roadmap development. Cognizant was also recognized for advisory services across data center and storage transformation, workplace transformation, business continuity and disaster recovery, and IT infrastructure security.[1]

“Cognizant has the strongest IT infrastructure transformation consulting offerings in its peer group (IT Consultants), with its biggest asset in developing an IT infrastructure transformation strategy and roadmap,” said the report, authored by Erin Hichman, Senior Analyst Lead for IT Consulting Research at Kennedy Consulting Research and Advisory. “The firm has detailed processes and frameworks to create an IT infrastructure transformation strategy and roadmap that achieves business and IT alignment.”

The report stated, “Cognizant’s IT infrastructure transformation capabilities demonstrate an above-average level of depth across each area. The firm has particular strength in conducting detailed assessments to get an accurate picture of a client’s current IT infrastructure landscape and developing a roadmap to achieve the business-aligned IT goals, which guarantees business outcomes at each defined stage of the engagement. Cognizant’s expertise on downstream IT infrastructure services, coupled with its clear commitment to steadily build out its IT consulting capabilities organically and inorganically, will incrementally improve the firm’s ability to advise clients thoroughly on each aspect of an IT infrastructure transformation.”

“Cognizant’s strong IT infrastructure transformation consulting portfolio, which emphasizes business alignment and buy-in, coupled with its proven implementation and managed services portfolio for IT infrastructure, make the firm a good option for clients seeking detailed and business-oriented recommendations and execution from one partner,” the report added. Cognizant was also recognized as 1 of only 2 providers that are advancing the breadth or depth of consulting capabilities, as shown in Figure 14.

“As disruptive digital technologies, such as SMAC (social, mobile, analytics, cloud), sensors, and the Internet of Things, transform businesses like never before, clients are looking for innovative ways to embrace new enterprise IT models aligned with these technologies,” said Debashis Chatterjee, President of Technology Solutions at Cognizant. “By architecting more agile, scalable and secure infrastructure, clients can not only respond to their business needs more effectively, but also drive faster technology innovation at scale. Cognizant is empowering clients to maximize their technology investments and extract value from latest technologies by aligning them to their business goals.”

Author: VSDaily Editor

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