BuyVia says “TV” “iPad” and “Kindle Fire” top online purchase search in Feb13

US: BuyVia, an app and website that provide the first all-in-one smart shopping experience across devices, revealed that that “TV,” “iPad,” “Kindle Fire,” “iPad Mini” and “laptops” were the top five most searched items through the app while “Dell,” “iPhone,” “laptops,” “cameras” and “TV” were the five most searched products through the website.

The majority (38%) of BuyVia app users are between 35-54 years old, 28% are 25-34, 16 percent are 55+ and 11 percent are 18-24. BuyVia app users are primarily (86%) based in North America, 12 percent are in Asia and 2 percent are in other countries. Most of the BuyVia app users access the mobile app through an iPhone 4S (34%), followed by iPhone 4 (28%), iPhone 5 (21%) and iPad (9%).

Author: VSDaily Editor

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