4 Easy Ways Your Smartphone Could Save You Money

Sept 11, 2013 (Wed): In 2012, 27% of Malaysians owned a smartphone and smartphone penetration of Malaysia will reach 60% by 2015. Smartphones offer their owners a number of benefits, from internet access on the go to video calls, and not forgetting apps. With over 2.5 billion Android apps and 2 billion iOS apps downloaded every month worldwide, apps are starting to have an increasing influence on our lives.

With all of the apps on the market today, it’s not surprising that many of them are targeted at saving their users money and helping them to manage their finances. Here we take a look at four of the best money saving and budgeting apps and how they could help their users stay in the black

1. Piggie

For: iOS
Price: Free

What is Piggie?

Making savings with the help of the other apps listed here is great, but it’s important to know how to grow these savings and ensure they are not wasted on unnecessary purchases. Budgeting is something that many avoid or forget to do, but it is so easy to lose track of where our money is going, so this handy app is great news for those wanting to take control of their finances.

How does Piggie work?

Piggie is fantastic news for people who keep forgetting to write down their finances – with this app in your pocket, users can simply input their expenses as they spend and immediately see how much of their budget they have left and whether they can afford their next purchase.

2. NextView on the Move

For: iOS
Price: Free

What is NextView on the Move?

NextView on the Move is the perfect app for those wanting to stay abreast of what’s happening in the financial markets across Asia, the US and Europe. For investors, NextView is a fantastic and simple way to follow their investments.

How does NextView on the Move work?

NextView on the Move allows users to input the details of their investments and personalise their own watch lists so they can follow the stocks and shares that interest them with minimal effort. While this app is free, there are some paid additional features which allow users to set price alerts to let them know when a particular stock hits a certain amount – meaning that they can take appropriate action immediately.

3. LowCost Flights Asia
For: iOS
Price: Free

What is LowCost Flights Asia?

This handy app helps its users to find the cheapest flights in Asia Pacific, be it for a two week holiday or a last-minute business trip. LowCost Flights Asia uncovers all of the best prices for six months in advance, displays the lowest prices for each month and covers more than 100 destinations.

How does LowCost Flights Asia work?

This app does not sell tickets, it just monitors all the different prices and deals on the market. So users who spot a great deal will have to head to the airline’s own website to make the booking. However, this app is a great way to find the best price on flights and avoid overpaying.

4. Viber

For: Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.
Price: Free.

What is Viber?

For those who are always glued to the phone, and who are always going over their data usage allowance, Viber could be the solution. Much like the popular WhatsApp, Viber allows its users to send messages via the internet for free – thus eliminating all costs completely when the user has access to a wifi connection.

How is Viber different from WhatsApp?

Viber also allows users to make calls for free as well, which is especially handy when calling a friend or relative in another country and a great way to avoid paying high overseas calling rates. Users with internet data usage included in their contracts can also use Viber on the go when they have a 3G connection, but users should ensure they have enough data allowance and don’t exceed it – this could result in costly fees.

But I still keep going over my data allowance

While Viber is a great solution for phone addicts with good wifi connections or with a lot of internet data allowance included in their contract, it is always recommended that users check out their phone contract and upgrade if they are constantly exceeding their allowance and getting hit with costly fees and charges. Comparison websites like www.CompareHero.my allow their users to quickly compare all contracts and choose the best one for them.

Written by Gustaf Kornias of CompareHero.my.

Author: VSDaily Editor

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